Our food is made from the highest quality ingredients sourced from human grade-supply streams, all produced using earth-friendly Manufacturing and minimal environmental impact.

There is a good choice of recipes available, offering Hypoallergenic and Grain Free foods, giving a reduced risk of food related illness and all the potential to lead a happy healthy life!

Choose from Superfood, Grain Free, Naturals, and Super Premium ranges

For more information on our manufacturers processes to bring you the very best quality Pet Food available.

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Notification of Price Increase

We would like to notify our customers that the Superfood 65 range will have a new pricing structure from May 2021.

This is to keep the high standard of ingredients used from the supply chain of farms and fisheries.

The new structure will mean that the following ranges will increase by just £1

Scottish Salmon Puppy

Scottish Salmon Adult

Angus Beef Adult

Keeping with the farms and fisheries that our supplier knows and trusts, ensures we maintain the accountability, provenance and very high standards both you and your dogs love.

There is also exciting news too, in that there will be three new recipes available in this range to choose from.

Free Range Chicken Adult

Grass Fed Lamb Adult

Angus Beef Adult Small Breed


The Superfood range includes a selection of recipes with the finest freshly prepared raw meat gently cooked to protect the valuable protein, plus a blend of nutritiously beneficial Superfoods

Benefits from Naturally occurring collagen, to help maintain healthy joints and skin Also Pre-biotics MOS and FOS which are beneficial for the growth of healthy gut bacteria and support digestion