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Pets, like humans, eat too fast and too much, which can easily cause a series of health problems.




Good eating habits need to be cultivated for a long time. Long-term use of slow food bowls can gradually improve pets’ overeating habits, and fundamentally solve pets’ digestive tract diseases and loss of appetite.




It is made of food grade silica gel, free of BPA, soft q-bomb, safe, no smell, no fear of tearing, easy to clean, and more thorough disinfection by high-temperature boiling.




Anti-choking bowl for cats and dogs for your choice.



Product Name: fish type slow food bowl


Product material: silica gel (applicable temperature is about - 20 ° C ~ 200 ° C)


Product color: blue, green, gray


Product packaging: OPP independent packaging


Product specification: 24.5 * 19 * 0.8cm


Product weight: 106 G

Lick mat/Slow Feeder for Cats or Dogs


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