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Yeast Guard is a powerful blend of Organic herbs, including Olive Leaf and Pau D'arco, that can help gently cleanse dogs from yeast overgrowth without harmful side effects.


Yeast Guard is most effective when given with digestive enzymes and probiotics. 

Yeast Guard supports the body's detoxification processes, followed by Digest to help break down yeast biofilm, and finally, Gut Guard to help support a healthy gut lining and flora.

Four Leaf Rover Yeast Guard is the first step in the Yeast Free Fido protocol to break down yeast's protective coating.


Candida and other yeast species have a sticky coating called a biofilm. The biofilm makes the yeast resistant to immune cells ... and this allows yeast to grow unchecked in your dog.

A key step to eliminate yeast is to break down its biofilm. This removes the protective coating from yeast, allowing anti-fungal foods and herbs to start working.

39.3g per tub

Four Leaf Rover Yeast Guard

    • Pau D’Arco Powder 500mg
    • C8/C10 MCT Powder 310mg
    • Caprylic Acid 62mg
    • Capric Acid 41mg
    • Organic Olive Leaf Powder 100mg
    • Organic Goldenseal Powder 100mg
    • Organic Oregano Leaf Power 100mg
    • Organic Fennel Powder 100mg
    • Organic Thyme Leaf Powder 50mg
    • Organic Ginger Root Powder 50mg
  • Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
    1-30 lbs  1/4 tsp daily

     60 day supply

    31-60 lbs 

    1/2 tsp daily

    30 day supply

    61-100 lbs 

    1 tsp daily

    15 day supply

    100 + lbs 

    2 tsp daily

    7 day supply

    39.3g per pot


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