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1. Unscrew the bottom cover
2. Pour in shampoo
3. Fill with water
4. Tighten the bottom cover
5. Press the top to extrude the foam

This 2-in-1 bath tool can help wash small and medium cats and dogs or short-haired dogs. It removes the frizz easily and helps the soap extend into the hair roots. Massaging your dog at the same time.
Pour the dog shampoo into the container and dilute with water. It can save shampoo wastage and easily create more foam and easier to clean.
A soft silicone brush removes loose hair and dirt while gently applying foam to the dog without causing any discomfort.
Round tooth brushes can improve the dogs blood circulation, gentle massage stimulates the dogs skin to produce natural oil, keeps the skin smooth and shiny.
The ergonomic shape contributes to comfort and ease of use, which prevents strain on the wrists and hands. This design allows for the comfort and control of the pet.


sizes shown are approx.

Pet Bath Massage Brush


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