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Eliminating stubborn pet smells such as dog urine odour and cat smells that cling to furniture, Odor-Kill can get rid of almost any smell around your home. This can be for pet odours, or even other household smells like cigarette smoke, bin odours and cooking smells.


Pet Odour Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener

If you have a dog, cat or even a hamster, you’ll be familiar with the types of pet smells that can linger around your home and in your furniture. Fortunately, Odor-Kill comes in a handy spray bottle so you can spritz your pets bed, kennels, catteries, stables and toys with ease.

No matter how strong or potent the smell is, Odor-Kill is designed to fight back and leave your home feeling fresh again.


A Powerful Deodoriser with Endless Uses

As well as in a handy spray bottle, we also provide Odor-Kill in 1L, bottles - so you can use more for larger areas. This product is safe to use with:


Patio and stone areas

Artificial lawns


Carpets (Either in a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner)

Washing machines


Even a small amount in the hoover bag will do away with stale dusty vacuum smells!

Spray Bottle 500ML

Concentrate 250ML/1L (Directions for use:- Dilute with water up to 20ml (4tsps) in 1 litre.)


PriceFrom £7.48

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