British Grass-Fed Lamb with Mint, Pomegranate, Mulberry, Broccoli & Fennel


65% Total British Grass-Fed Lamb - With a minimum 35% human grade quality raw and freshly prepared beef, cooked gently using the Freshtrusion process. A nutrient-dense, highly digestible protein source.


Superfood Blend - A blend of 5 carefully selected superfoods each with their own unique benefits

Mint - Source of Potassium to help with nerve and muscle function.

Pomegranate - Source of Vitamin C, which has an essential role in collagen synthesis important to help maintain healthy bones.

Mulberry - Source of Iron to help support normal functions of the circulatory system.

Broccoli - Source of dietary fibre to help normalise the gastrointestinal transit time.

Fennel - A good source of Calcium which helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.


Naturally Occurring Collagen - Found in freshly prepared ingredients, Collagen helps to maintain healthy joints and skin

Digestive Health - Pre-biotics MOS & FOS which are beneficial for the growth of healthy gut bacteria and support digestion


Grass-Fed Lambs are leaner and the concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids within the meat is increased, resulting in increased ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.

Lamb is also a good source of vitamin B12 and iron which are required to help nerve and blood cells healthy.