Colloidal Silver is an antibacterial mineral solution containing silver ions & very small charged silver particles suspended in a dispersing medium (distilled water). 


UK Colloidal Laboratories have a worldwide reputation for providing the best quality true Amber Colloidal Silver. The secret is to only use steam distilled water & fine silver, they have been producing this pure and natural product for 20 years.


Multi Purpose 14,000ug/l Sprayer.


The great debate – Ionic or Particulate Silver? Our product has both!

Colloidal silver MUST contain silver particles but unfortunately, most colloidal silver solutions found on the market are predominantly clear (ionic) silver water, with little or no actual silver particles. However, True Amber Colloidal Silver has a wide range of silver particle sizes which gives it its reassuring distinctive amber colour.

As these particles are so important, UK Colloidal Laboratories Amber Colloidal Silver solution has been tested by Plymouth University to ensure that they are in the correct size range and that our manufacturing is consistent.


This is a lightweight PET bottle which has a high capacity 250ml bottle and is light to use and reduces wrist fatigue when spraying for long periods.

NOTE: The trigger spray has an anti-leak locking mechanism and will need to be unlocked after transport. This is either a small tab under the spray nozzle or a locking pin on the neck.


Safety Advice – This product contains our 14,000 ug/l  True Amber Colloidal Silver that has been tested by Eurofin Laboratories & assessed by Plymouth University for nanomaterial characterisation & batch consistency, as required by EC1223/2009.

They are the ONLY company in Europe that has carried out this level of testing.

Colloidal Amber Silver Spray 250ml

  • Information Sheet - Veterinary  

    Thank you for your purchase. Look after your Colloidal Silver. Keep it cool & out of direct sunlight. 


    The power of elemental silver as a natural antibacterial mineral solution has been known for thousand of years. Colloidal Silver is an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal mineral solution containing two forms of silver designed to reproduce this powerful effect. 

    UK Colloidal Laboratories manufacture True Amber Colloidal Silver solutions using ultra pure steam distilled water and modern electrolysis technology to enhance the availability of the active silver ion.
    This has been developed and tested with the help of Plymouth University to ensure the highest quality. 

    We are all animals! Colloidal Silver can be used for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds, hamsters, humans etc.  

    Medical Uses of Silver 

    Silver first gained regulatory approval for use as an antibacterial agent in the early 20th century and was used extensively until the discovery of antibiotics.
    Time kill studies have shown excellent results against many common pathogens such as MRSA & Staphylococcus Aureus.
    Various medical uses are documented including use for the influenza virus which therefore may provide a degree of protection against SARS & Bird Flu., H5N1 etc. 

    Colloidal Silver acts similarly to a natural antibiotic which can be taken regularly to help support the immune system. 


    Doses can be given orally without dilution or added to water or food. Always use filtered or boiled water as chlorine will degrade the ionic silver content. Remember Colloidal silver is a mineral solution and you cannot overdose on it. Giving too much is just wasteful, not dangerous.

    These are guidelines only. 
    Animal Size Nutritional dose Therapeutic Dose.
    Kittens & Puppies, small birds 1 - 2 ml 2 – 5 ml
    Cats/Small Dogs (under 10kg) 2 – 5 ml 5 – 15 ml
    Medium Dogs (10 – 25 Kg) 5 – 15 ml 15 – 30 ml
    Large Dogs (25 – 45 Kg) 15 – 30 ml 30 – 50 ml
    Giant Breeds (above 45 Kg) 30 – 50 ml 50ml +
    Ponies & horses >45 Kg 50 - 200 ml 200 - 1000 ml

    ● Many breeders use the nutritional dose to keep their animals in optimum condition & as a preventative against kennel cough, viral flu and disease.
    Give your animal the therapeutic dose for 5 days before putting into kennels or shows, where a cross infection could be contracted. This will give a first line of defence. Applies to all animals including humans! 

    ● Birds & fowl - Avoid the young bird sickness etc. by adding 10 ml/litre of water in their drinker. 3-5ml daily can be given manually to help boost the support to their immune system. Will help keep water fresher longer in bird baths.
    For therapeutic use, increase to a minimum of 100ml/litre. For very sick individuals, give the solution neat with a pipette three times daily 

    ● Excellent for healing gashes and cuts. Spray topically directly onto wound or onto a poultice. It kills infections and promotes healing. This has been used from cockatiels to horses! Gels create a barrier which prevents the silver from working so always spray first! 

    ● Catteries use Colloidal Silver for feline cat flu as the only method of controlling outbreaks. 

    Dogs & Cats 

    ● Many dog breeders use the nutritional dose to keep their animals in optimum condition & as a preventative against kennel cough, viral flu and disease. Give your animal the therapeutic dose for 5 days before putting into kennels or shows, where a cross infection could be contracted. This will give a first line of defence. Applies to all animals including humans! 

    ● Tear staining - Clean your pet’s face with colloidal silver, which is completely safe around the eyes. Apply a little to a cotton ball and wipe your pet’s face. Colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties and will help reduce opportunistic yeast infections and moist dermatitis that can occur in the corners of your pet’s eyes. 

    ● Tummy Issues - Most pet owners who are versed in colloidal silver usage have told me they give their pets 10 ppm colloidal silver orally, for several days to a week or so. 

    ● Eye infections - Use the spray or dropper for 2-3 days or until improvement is seen.

    ● Ear infections - Either spray or put 3-4 drops into each ear, massage the base of his ear for a minute or two. 

    ● Sores & wounds - Spray the area - it won't sting. The silver will prevent infection and aid rapid healing. 

    ● Odours - Spraying can help if the odour is caused by a biological pathogen. This also helps with the spread of infections by ensuring all bedding is disinfected. Useful in cat litter trays etc.

    ● Fungal infections - Spray 2-3 time daily and persist! 

    ● Used by rescue centres for stray animals as an initial treatment to help boost their immune system and rebalance their immediate health. 

    ● Another individual told me he sprays colloidal silver lightly onto his cat’s fur, and then combs it through, and it softens up the cat’s otherwise coarse fur unlike any shampoo or fur conditioning other product he’s tried to use. 

    ● Colloidal Silver usually works on bacterial, viral & fungal pathogens. Organisms such as mites and worms shouldn't be affected but in practice, they do seem to be. We don't think the Colloidal Silver acts on them directly but it does kill off their food supply, which in turn kills the organism. 

    ● Skin-fold dermatitis - affects the around mouth that don't get any fresh air and sunlight. Spraying both sides of his mouth with CS and also giving me a daily therapeutic dose seems to help to reduced it dramatically 

    ● Teeth - If they will allow it, brushing occasionally with colloidal silver can help with periodontal disease. Adding to their water will drip feed them but not as effective as brushing. 

    ● Other problems - smelly ears etc. 

    Can also be used for....

    Colloidal Silver for Tropical Fish

    Rabbits - myxomatosis 

    Equine use 

    Respiratory problems & Coughing. Fogging machines - Sweet Itch & Summer Allergies - Overreaching/Leg wounds - Sarcoids & Laminitis - Mud Fever & Equine Thrush

    Colloidal Silver and Farm Animals 

    Further Information - The three properties Colloidal Silver users are attempting to harness are:

    1. The infection fighting, biocidal properties demonstrated by silver. 

    2. The tissue healing properties of silver, as demonstrated by altered cell morphology resulting in increased (and healthy) cell reproduction. 

    3. The electrical stimulation properties of colloidal silver. It is theorised that colloidal solutions with an increased zeta potential assist the body to regain health through various means, which are not yet fully understood but the pH of 8.46 shows it has a negative ORP which is known to be beneficial. 

    Understanding these three properties is a key element in determining both when and how colloidal silver might be effective for use as a health-maintaining and health-restoring substance in the human body, and forms the primary foundation for all colloidal silver use.